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About Us

I would like to welcome you to fcwsn.com, the web site designed for children with special needs. After years of collecting, I realized I have enough information and motivation to share it with you.

Our Mission:
We provide information and links to resources For Children With Special Needs. We hope this website will give parents and providers newfound knowledge, creativity and determination to be the child's strongest advocate, friend and confidant!

You will find many of my narratives in different areas of this web site. They are denoted with quotation marks and indented. Such as the following quote which gives a brief description of the conception of this web site.

"The mere thought of this web site was not born until my grandson was diagnosed with special needs. I was devastated. I was in denial. I blamed other things. I blamed other people. Why was this happening to him? I just wanted to believe that it wasn't true, that it would go away if I shut my eyes really tight. Well, I soon realized it was happening. It was reality. But I didn't know how to help him. So, I reached out and accepted all the help I could find.  I took action and lots of it!"

Determined to do everything in his best interest:

  • I researched his needs and our rights
  • I listened to my mentor at Metropolitan Family Services and accepted respite services from a dedicated worker, 
  • I contacted the Special Recreation Association (NEDSRA) and got him an awesome Leisure Buddy, 
  • I found Fun Time Junction...a park district daycare program that has a partnership with NEDSRA, 
  • I networked with other moms and finally found a great pediatric dentist that my grandson would sit for, 
  • I found a natural nutrient; Feed my Brain (FMB) and was able to decline his almost prescribed Ritalin!
  • I found other helpful websites
  • I continue to network and find special providers like Jim Elliott, a scuba diving instructor dedicated to serving special children like ours

Finally...we can leave the house as a family and have fun at places like Chuck E Cheese!  Read the enclosed pages to learn how I helped my grandson, and how you can help the special child in your life! 

As you navigate through this site I hope you'll find useful information. If you have any questions or comments, please visit our contact page. Please remember, this information is updated on a regular basis so be sure to visit frequently!


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