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Additional Services

Metropolitan Family Services and Respite

We formed a relationship with Metropolitan Family Services and applied for respite services.  My grandson was matched with the most awesome worker. Our case manager also assured I stuck to my to-do list from Dr. Brown and was always there when I needed support, a new point of direction, or someone to bounce ideas off of.

While he was with his respite worker I further educated myself on more ways to help my grandson.  I found the Family Resource Center and attended their workshops.  I also attended workshops offered by the school district and our therapists. I  introduced myself to the reference librarians at my local library (they are extremely helpful when I'm in a crunch for quick info). I also spend time on my favorite search engine www.google.com.

We discovered a natural way of healing

With everything going on at school and his daycare, some of his providers suggested I put my grandson on Ritalin to "control his behavior".  I did enough research to know that was not the way we wanted to go.  I began to search for a natural alternative. Just when the pressure was rising, I heard a report on 106.7, the Fish radio about a natural supplement, Feed My Brain (FMB). They described my grandson's symptoms perfectly and best yet, they convinced me their product could help!  I ordered the product immediately and have been a satisfied customer ever since.  What a difference this product has made!

We found a Leisure Buddy through NEDSRA

We found the park districts summer camp program. My grandson was able to attend with a leisure buddy from North East DuPage Special Recreation Association (NEDSRA).  The buddy helped him participate in everything the program had to offer and also circumvented any issues that may have arisen otherwise.

The search for a new after school center continued but was not easy...I worked diligently with the YWCA Childcare Resource and Referral Line.  I called tons of daycare centers and daycare homes.  After doing phone and personal interviews I checked their background by calling the DCFS Information Line, and was able to eliminate the majority of the list.  Finally we were blessed to find Fun Time Junction, a program available through a local park district.

Because Fun Time Junction is a park district program we were able to request a leisure buddy from NEDSRA making inclusion possible in a "normal" daycare setting. His leisure buddy is awesome.  She was always there to welcome him into the room and get him started on the activities.  He even did the crafts with the other kids!

Our relationship with NEDSRA has grown and my grandson is now a participant of their Challenger Baseball team.  A year ago I never could have imagined him sharing anything with another child or him being a member of a team...last month he asked me if we could buy T-shirts for his team...when he found baseball helmets at a yard sale he begged me to buy them for his team. A child that didn't know how to play with one other child suddenly was proud to be a member of an entire team of children.


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