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Discovery Begins

Finally, a few precious months before he turned 3, my grandson's daycare center recommended an early intervention program; Child and Family Connections and they directed us to Horizons. The therapist did a thorough evaluation and recommended speech and occupational therapy.

After a long search, we found the Center for Speech and Language Disorders. His therapist persevered through 40 minutes of tantrum to get in 5 minutes of therapy. Each week, she got less tantrum and more therapy.

During this time, he also had ear surgery by Dr. Belazario which allowed him to hear by placing tubes in his ears. Finally, my grandson began speaking through smiles, instead of screaming through tears.

Now that he could speak

He needed to catch up academically and socially. We discovered, First Step and Head Start available at a local elementary school. We reviewed his rights and developed an Individual Education Plan (IEP). He adapted to the programs rather quickly but still had significant delays.

I began an intense search for a developmental specialist that could advise me on behavior modification techniques. I found Dr. Phelan's book 123 Magic....great book, easy read with great ideas. But I wanted a live person. In my many calls I stumbled across the Local Area Network (LAN) Wrap Around Coordinator and we made an appointment just to talk things out.

We survived our first experience of being outcast with the help of Dr. Brown, LAN Wrap Around Coordinator

At the same time, his previous daycare center chronically complained (despite my many attempts to train their staff). We agreed one night they were not equipped to handle his special needs, ironically it was the same night as my meeting with the LAN. I walked into Dr. Brown's office with tears streaming down my cheeks. I worked full time, what was I going to do for daycare? My panic spiraled me down until Dr. Brown started speaking, reassuring me that he knew several parents and children who, with his help survived worse. He gave me a referral to Metropolitan Family Services. We also made a workable to-do list.  I left his office with dry eyes and new found strength and determination to advocate for my grandson always and all ways!

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