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Nana's Favorite Picks

"Since the website grew so quickly, we made a special place to share my personal favorites".

Autism Society of America and Autism Society of Illinois
www.autism-society.org and www.autismillinois.org/

Child and Family Connections helps you get the special education and services your child may need. Overview: www.accessni.com/cfc.htm Locations: www.state.il.us/agency/dhs/earlyint

Creative Visualization is one technique we use to calm down our engines and focus on our goals, How Does Your Engine Run is another

CRIS - the Community Resource Information System is DuPage County's resource for finding the help you may need www.dupagecris.org/

Dr. Marvin Berman, D.D.S. is the only dentist my grandson will sit for
Dentistry For Kids, LTD. 4801 W. Peterson Avenue, #410, Chicago, IL 60646-5713 P: 773.545.0007  F: 773.736.0143

DuPage Children’s Museum
LOTS of fun stuff for all ages. 301 N. Washington St., Naperville, IL 60540, 630.637.8000

Family Resource Center on Disabilities is a great parent resource and training facility 312.939.3513 www.frcd.org/index.html

Feed My Brain (FMB) is the all natural nutrient that keeps my grandson off medications like Ritalin www.myfmb.com

First Step Early Intervention Program teaches our children (ages 3-5), and offers parent support and education groups, for more info call 630.889.7929

Fun Time Junction is the only daycare center in our area that has a partnership with NEDSRA www.vprd.org/ftj.htm

Illinois Special Ed is "Dedicated to Helping the Parents of Illinois Special Education Children". They have info on Parents Groups, Child Advocates, Resource Organizations, Special Education Lawyers, and more...www.illinoisspecialed.com

Illinois State Board of Education is an awesome resource for getting to know your child's rights www.isbe.state.il.us/spec-ed/

NEDSRA (Northeast DuPage Special Recreation Association) is our child's best friend. They offer specialized programs like baseball and Tae Kwon Do, plus offer Leisure Buddies (one on one assistants) to help our children participate in park district programs www.nedsra.org/

School District - get to know the directors, educators and staff. Volunteer at your child's school or in their classroom, chaperone a field trip, attend meetings. Here are some of the local district web addresses: www.district44.dupage.k12.il.us/, www.d45.dupage.k12.il.us/, www.hsdist88.dupage.k12.il.us/

StarNet is a non-for-profit agency, dedicated to offering training for parents and professionals www.thecenterweb.org/starnet/star_home.htm


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