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Personal History

"My grandson's world is evolving into something glorious. I'm praying by sharing his story, we can help other children like him and other parents like me. I would also like to thank everyone that helped us get where we are today!"

Even before his birth

I was blessed by DuPage Homeownership and Northern Trust Bank to be able to own my first home (a ranch, right next to a children's park). I didn't know exactly why I was lead to this home, my kids were grown and I always wanted a beautiful staircase. Then my grandson was born, he loves the park, and little ones and staircases make me nervous, very very nervous. Thank goodness I trusted those that lead me in the right direction, especially when I didn't quite understand where I was going.

As an infant

My grandson had chronic bronchitis and frequent ear infections until he was 31 months old. These medical conditions damaged his ability to hear and speak. I am talking about full communication, I could not understand his speech and he could not hear mine. As you can imagine, not being able to communicate with your child is frustrating for both sides. During this time, my grandson had daily tantrums.

I did everything I could to control the bronchitis.  Since it was allergy triggered, I ripped up my carpets, I bought special air filter systems, I brought a humidifier, I packed all his stuffed animals in a display case, and I got the bathroom real steamy every night before he took a nice long bath.

Read more about our discoveries, how we learned to advocate, and how the healing began.


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