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School Begins

The Early Intervention Programs, First Step and Head Start prepared us for his school years ahead. Yet, we all realized my grandson has a different way of learning. When it was time for kindergarten, someone suggested that "children like this cannot be taught in a normal classroom setting". They recommended my grandson be transferred out of our school district to a special educational facility.

We learned to advocate

We researched his condition further, focusing on how it affected his learning. We also studied the Blue Book to review his educational rights. Knowing he had a right to the least restrictive environment, and having a success plan, we gathered up a team of advocates consisting of members of Metropolitan Family Services and The Parent Resource Center.  We asked for a meeting with the Director of Special Education.

The IEP Team reconsidered

The IEP team quickly re-convened and changed their decision, placing him in the least restrictive setting for Kindergarten. He was in a normal classroom with an aid, and support services (speech and occupational therapy). We sent a journal back and forth each day, they sent home behavioral slips indicating if/when he had trouble, and they took time to talk to me as often as necessary.

First Grade

Yet, we realized (and I admitted) he needed more support for First Grade. We agreed on the multi-age/multi-needs special education classroom in his home school. The teacher is awesome. She has a knack for recognizing and creatively meeting the needs of all the children in the class. She also uses praise and their special talents/interests as motivational tools.

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