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Start a 501(c)3

"Serving on the Steering Committee to form the DuPage Habitat For Humanity was one the most fulfilling times of my life, now I have a different purpose to insure that all children are given the same chance in life regardless of their challenges"

How to Start a 501(c)3 www.esc-chicago.org/Resources/501c3steps.htm

Initial Filings For Non For Profits www.hurwitassociates.com/l_s_initial_il.php

IRS Form 1023 www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1023.pdf

Outsource it http://charitynetusa.com/501c3.html?crtag=Google501&gclid=CIeXl8a1mpgCFQ2LDQodVS2BmA

or www.amerilawyer.com/il_501c3corporation.htm

I am currently seeking the seed money to enhance this website to also be a non-for-profit support group. Once I have gathered some seed money I'll be seeking an attorney experience in this field, finally we'll recruit our Board of Directors. I'm praying to get directors from all walks of life; a parent, a teacher, a therapist, an agency representative, etc. Please contact me at nana_fcwsn@hotmail.com if you have any interest or suggestions.

Monies will be used to administer/develop this site, host informational/support meetings and advocate for parents in need..


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