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"After trying to resolve the same issues with little to no result, I had to admit...it was time to bring in HELP! I found Wendy to be an experienced, dedicated professional".

The Learning Curve of Wisconsin, Inc.
Connecting Resources in Education for Students with Special Needs
Wendy E. Handrich
1463 St. Andrews Drive Oconomowoc, WI 53066
(262) 567-9044
E-mail: learningcurvewi@charter.net

Wendy E. Handrich has eleven years of experience in public school administration, including as a district administrator and elementary principal. In addition, Ms. Handrich was an early childhood, special education teacher for fifteen years, where she had the opportunity to meet the diagnostic and instructional needs of students with a wide range of special education needs. She is licensed as an elementary teacher, an early childhood, special education teacher, a special education teacher for the cognitively delayed, a principal, a superintendent and a director of special education. She has been actively involved in a variety of district level committees, including early intervention, special education, kindergarten curriculum work and gifted and talented program design. She is currently the president of The Learning Curve of Wisconsin, Inc., an educational consulting service that is dedicated to facilitating discussions with school teams, families and agencies who want to address student needs while capitalizing on the strengths of the student. Ms. Handrich is also a full-time instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where she teaches in their Curriculum and Instruction department.

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Article by Wendy Handrich www.fightingbob.com/article.cfm?articleID=15


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