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Parent and Child Rights (PAC Rights)

"If we don't know what our children are entitled to, they may never get the services they so desperately need...know your child's rights and the laws that protect them...attend seminars and conferences...do everything in your power to be your child's strongest advocate!"

A Better Life
www.abetterlife.org/services.htm is a list of agencies

A Parent's Guide - The Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities
Also referred to as the Blue Book. A very informative publication on our rights and our children rights regarding their special educational needs...a MUST READ before attending your first IEP meeting. www.isbe.state.il.us/spec-ed/parents_rights.htm

DuPage Community Resource Information System
DuPage's Community Resource Information System is the leading source of social service information in the county.  www.dupagecris.org/

DuPage County Bar Association

Equip For Equality
800.537.2632  www.equipforequality.org/

ERIC Digest
The Educational Resources Information Center Digest is a library at your fingertips

Family Resource Center on Disabilities
312.939.3513 (voice) 312.939.3519 (TDD) www.frcd.org/index.html

Family Support  

Family Support Network

Illinois State Behavioral and Developmental Health

Illinois State Board of Education
The Illinois State Board of Education, Special Education  is a very informative website...a MUST SEE before advocating for your child.  You may also request a CD filled with additional info/forms. www.isbe.state.il.us/spec-ed/

Illinois Special Ed

Legislative Summary and Analysis

Metropolitan Family Services
Metropolitan Family Services encourages family strengths in a comprehensive range of programs www.metrofamily.org/

NAMI of DuPage County, Illinois, An Affiliate of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

Office for Civil Rights on Parental Partnerships

Parent Coalitions and Information Groups 
Provides a listing of different sources for info www.ameritech.net/users/frcdptiil/phone2.htm

Parents Helping Parents
Meeting Children's Special Needs Through Parents Helping Parents


Parent Resource Center
630.942.9860  www.learnwhatsup.com/prc/

The Arc of the United States

The Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders
Provides a listing of different organizations and publications icdl.com/forparentsbyparents/law/lawcontent.htm

U.S. Department of Education


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