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Suggested Reading

suggested books, books to read, recommended books, recommended reading"Below is a list of my personal favorites. I'm told that www.amazon.com is a great place to shop. Although, I prefer taking my grandson to the bookstores.

p.s. Just in case it's not obvious, I'm a Phelan Phan...not only is the doctor a great writer and advisor, but he's also a fantastic and humorous speaker. If you ever get the chance to hear him speak, my advice is...don't miss it."

Suggested Reading by Nana

Author Title Subject
Alexander-Roberts, Colleen The ADHD Parenting Handbook Practical Advice for Parents from Parents
Armstrong Ph.D., Thomas The Myth of the A.D.D. Child 50 ways to improve your child's behavior and attention span without drugs, labels or coercion 
Bell, Rachel and Dr. Howard Peiper The A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. Diet A comprehensive look at contributing factors and natural treatments
Edwards, Dr. Martin The Complete Book of Medical Symptoms in Children A guide to children's ailments - listed alphabetically by symptoms
Gruman-Trinker, Carrie A Special Child A devotional for mothers of children with unique
Inlander, Charles The Consumer's Medical Desk Reference Information your doctor won't or can't tell you...everything you need to know for the best in health care
Phelan Ph.D., Thomas 1-2-3 Magic Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 ("this book was the first brick of my path in the right direction" - Nana)
Phelan Ph.D., Thomas All About Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment: children and adults
Phelan Ph.D., Thomas I Never Get Anything How to keep your kids from running your life
Siegel, Bryna The World of the Autistic Child Understanding and Treating Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Silverman Saunders, Carol Safe at School Awareness and action fro parents of children grades K-12

Suggested Reading by Dr. Susan Andrews of Associates on Clinical Psychology

"I received this list when I attended a parenting education workshop several years ago"

Author Title Subject
Ackerman, Nathan The Psychodynamics of Family Life  
Dinkmeyer, Don and McKaye, Gary D. Systematic Training for Effective Parenting of Teems Motives of misbehavior
Dinkmeyer, Don and McKaye, Gary D. The Parents Handbook Systematic training for effective parenting
Dobson, Dr. James Hide or Seek How to build self-esteem in your child
Kay Ph.D., Kenneth Raising Responsible Children (without slapping, yelling or nagging) Helping parents to discipline their children in an organized way and build self-esteem
Friday, Nancy My Mother My Self  
Glasser, William Glasser Reality Therapy Deals with the natural consequences of misbehavior
Leach Jacobsen, Marion How to Keep your Family Together and Still Have Fun Family activities so communications kept open
Rhodes D.S.W., Sonya and Wilson, Josleen Surviving Family Life  
Wasserman Cocola, Nancy and Modica Matthews, Arlene How to Manage Your Mother Skills and strategies to improve mother-daughter relationships
York, Phyllis and David Toughlove A self-help manual for parents troubled by teenage behavior

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