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Your Right to Vote

"Do you shiver in surprise after grants or programs are taken away from our children, or are you out there fighting to keep them? When our daycare grant was threatened I wrote to all of our political leaders, including the President. When our daycare center was threatened I spoke at Village Board meetings."

Seize every opportunity to make a difference in your child's future. At the November 2002 election only *55% of registered voters actually voted. Peruse the web and learn about the different political candidates, identify those candidates that have our children in their hearts and vote for them at each election.

*Source: DuPage County Election Commission, Election Results www.dupageresults.com

After the election congratulate and welcome the political leaders into office. In between elections write to them about our priority issues.  I've found most of them want to hear from us and many will respond".

Below are some of the links to websites I found helpful:

DuPage County Election Commission www.dupageelections.com/

Politics 1 http://www.politics1.com/il.htm

Don't have time to watch the presidential race? Want your opinions considered before you vote? I just visited http://www.selectsmart.com/president/2008.html and answered a few questions. It guided me on which candidate addresses our main concerns.

Writing a short letter will only take a few minutes of your time. Be a hero - speak up for the kids! Lack confidence in your letter-writing skills? Read "12 Rules for Writing Great Letters:" www.wrightslaw.com/advoc/articles/12rules_letters.htm


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