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"So many conditions are invisible to the untrained eye. Your child may appear "perfectly normal" to condescending onlookers at the department store, they may even fool teachers, childcare providers and other family members into thinking they "just have a behavior issue that could be simply corrected if the child was properly disciplined at home". Sound familiar?

There's also diagnosis that present themselves in ways that are difficult to deny...your children may have a physical handicap or characteristic that tell the world...your child is very special indeed".

Is it a mental illness or something else? The sooner treatment can begin the better.

The diagnosis process can be grueling, but without it you may not get all the services and benefits your child is entitled to. It also helped me keep my sanity and my unconditional love for him going strong.  At least now we understand why he "misbehaves" and we can turn it around rather quickly". I also share his success strategies and info on his condition with all of his providers* so they understand how to work and play with him successfully when I can't be there.

To begin the process, contact Child and Family Connections and/or your Primary Care Physician.  To continue and complete the process takes lots of time, patience, support, strength and prayer."

I found information on several conditions on a couple websites. I found a chart outlining similar symptoms on some of the conditions. I found an article on "hidden handicaps", then I took it further and provided information on the most common invisible conditions (see below).

* Share info with all providers...their teachers/aids at school, their therapist, their childcare provider, their extended family members, their assistant at church, etc.

Do You Sense a Difference?


ICD9 Codes

Rule Out Model for the Early Identification and Treatment of Children with Developmental Disabilities


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