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Fragile X

Symptoms may include:

Mental retardation, hyperactivity, short attention span, 1tactilely defensive, hand-flapping, hand-biting, poor eye contact, 2perseverative speech, 3hyperextensible MP joints, large or prominent ears, large testicles, 4simian crease or 5sydney line, family history of mental retardation

1 Tactilely defensive = having a negative response to touch
2 Perseverative speech = continued repetition of words or phrases
3 Hyper extensible MP joints = double jointed
4 Simian crease = a single horizontal crease on the palm instead of the usual two creases
5 Sydney line = a horizontal crease that goes from edge to edge across the palm

Source: The National Fragile X Foundation www.fragilex.org/home.htm

Additional info:

Fragile X Association http://www.fraxsocal.org/

FRAXA Research Foundation http://www.fraxa.org/

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development www.nichd.nih.gov/publications/pubs/Fragilex.htm

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