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Active Listening

Skills of an Active Listener

  • Attending behavior (leaned forward, eye contact, nods head appropriately, etc.)
  • Open invitation to talk
  • Reflection of feeling
  • Paraphrasing (so what I hear you saying is_______)
  • Learning others attitudes towards specific issues
  • Expressions of feeling
  • Sharing behavior
  • Direct, mutual communication

 Do/Doníts of Active Listening

Do Donít
Use good body language Give advice
Ask reflective questions Judge
Ask open questions Sympathize (can snowball)
Empathize Criticize
Use silence Worry about what to say next
Offer options (more than one) Doodle

Practice Active Listening if you can Ė Find 3 people

  • Talker
  • Listener
  • Observer

Talker should talk for at least 5 minutes. Observer should complete a feed back form (see below). Team should discuss afterwards.

Observerís Feedback and Discussion Sheet for Listener

Rate the listener you observed. Discuss with the listener what he/she did well and where they might have had a opportunity to do better.

Feedback Excellent Very Good Good Fair Did not Observe
The listener paraphrased content using reflective questions          
The listener paraphrased feelings using reflective questions          
The listener looked like he/she was truly listening          
The listener asked open questions          
The listener used silence effectively          
The listener helped the problem presenter feel at ease          
The listener asked for clarification          
What did the listener do best and why?




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