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Be Prepared for Meetings

  • There are Three Types of Meetings:
    • Information giving - leaders do most of the talking
    • Information taking - members participate in open, honest discussion
    • Problem solving - back and forth communication
  • Prepare Ahead
    • Confirm with speaker (if applicable)
    • Develop a clear statement of purpose
    • Prepare and distribute an agenda
    • Reserve a place to hold the meeting
    • Reserve/gather equipment (projectors, white boards, etc.)
    • Prepare handouts
  • Start Fast
    • Start on time (i.e. set meeting for 9:50 sharp)
    • Welcome the group and introduce new members
    • Bring everyone up to date
    • State the purpose of the meeting
    • Open with an attention getter (complaint log)
  • Stay on Track
    • Assign a Facilitator, Time Keeper, and Minute Keeper
    • State your need(s)
    • Call on experience
    • Listen actively
  • Close Decisively
    • Signal that the concluding time is near
    • Review the situation briefly
    • Summarize the progress, decisions and assignments made
    • Give specific instructions for taking action
    • Announce future meetings
    • Close with a strong positive statement
    • Acknowledge everyone attendance and participation


  • Don't meet in bosses office, too intimidating. Don't meet in cafeteria, too informal. 
  • Information taking and problem solving meetings are best done in U-shaped configurations.
  • Information meetings are best done in a lecture configuration.
  • Consider video taping information meetings (i.e. new benefits) for future new hires, those unable to attend meetings, etc.

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