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Coaching to Perform

Coaches Support, Mentor, Facilitate and Empower

Effective Coaching is a Three Part Process

  • Educating

    • Identify skills

    • Select training methods

  • Developing

    • Monitor performance

    • Use coaching guidelines

  • Counseling

    • Identify performance problems

    • Confront problems directly

    • Involve individuals in solutions

Guidelines for Effective Coaching

  • Be a positive role model

  • Be where the game is played

  • Listen and observe

  • Think and speak success

  • Build on strengths - don't harp on weaknesses

  • Celebrate successes as they occur

  • Accept mistakes (use them as learning tools)

  • Communicate

  • Focus on each team member (separately)

  • Provide consistent support, feedback and positive reinforcement


  • You're not trying to knock someone down, you're trying to get the best out of them

  • Everyone has something positive to bring to the situation

  • You need to provide a balance of both positive and negative feedback

  • When communicating; listen, respect and care...speak in "we" terms

Personal Action Plan

  • Find a great coach or recall attributes of a coach you have known

  • Identify your own development needs

  • Develop a training plan (read, peruse the web, go to seminars)

  • Implement the plan

  • Monitor the

  • Listen and respond

  • Reward


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