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Below are some sources for informational conferences

Association for Individual Development www.the-association.org

Autism Society of America www.autism-society.org/

Barbara Doyle, MS is an excellent speaker...I recently attended her seminar on recognizing and supporting people with autism spectrum disorders, sponsored by the Association for Individual Development...Ms. Doyle presented a wealth of information in a professional, yet humorous way. 217/793-9347.

Center for Speech and Language Disorders P: 630.530.8551 F: 630.530.5909 www.csld.com/

Designs For Change www.designsforchange.org

Family Resource Center on Disabilities 312.939.3513 (voice) 312.939.3519 (TDD) www.frcd.org/index.html

Illinois Legal Aid www.illinoislegalaid.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.dsp_content&contentid=230

Illinois State Board of Education www.isbe.state.il.us/spec-ed/conference-workshop.htm

PACES Parent and Child Education and Support Organization 630.916.3190 www.pacesmoms.org

Project Choices www.projectchoices.org

StarNet www.thecenterweb.org/starnet/star_home.htm

The Illinois Autism/PDD Training and Technical Assistance Project www.illinoisautismproject.org/


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