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Creative Visualization

What is Creative Visualization?

Creative Visualization is a process or exercise for possessing or internalizing ideas, values, attitudes or pictures of oneself. They are used to create change, practice new behaviors and discover new aspects of yourself.

Why use it?

It's a formal method of what we already do naturally. As humans, we need to have  a goal. Visualization is a tool fro focusing and clarifying life's basic plan.

When do we use it?

Use visualization when you want to accomplish a particular goal or objective, facilitate change, to achieve a better understanding of yourself, or when you wish to reverse your old negative beliefs or messages into positive affirmations.

How do I use it?

Remember, we achieve what we believe, so learn to trust yourself. We can cause overload when our spirit is high but our ego is constantly running behind us trying to catch up. Be patient and learn to prioritize.

To visualize effectively you must see, feel and experience what you want and then let go. So, learn and believe to trust your inner self. Believe your desires will transpire when you're ready, at a rate you can handle.

When you block our feelings, it causes physical pain. When fears block you, identify them, write them down, and reverse them into a positive affirmation. Take a deep breath and release the fear. Relax and imagine yourself in a situation with an excellent outcome.

A self, prerecorded cassette is one of the most powerful tools for successful creative visualizations. I would encourage all of you to record your mind a message, or two.

Keep in mind:

  • The script doesn't have to make sense to anyone else but you.

  • Don't struggle with the process, trust your inner being.

  • Learn to shed your old beliefs, one at a time.

  • Pay attention to your dreams, always and all ways!!!

Step One

Write a script. Since you want to take yourself to a safe and serine place before visualizing your goal, identify that place. It could be a warm sandy beach, it could be a warm bubble bath, etc. Once you've totally described your safe and serine place, describe your goals, how they look, how they smell, how they feel, how you react when you see them for the first time, etc.  (see sample script below)

Step Two

Take the house to yourself one night. Send the spouse, kids, dog or any other possible interruptions outside! Turn off the ringer on your phone and turn down the volume on your answering machine. 

Step Three

Read/record your script and actually do as much as possible as you record the message (run the bath, hold your hand under the water, etc.. This is a dynamic way to force your mind to visualize.

Step Four

The next two-three nights listen to your tape as you perform each activity.

Step Five

Repeat step two and test your visualization skills. Wearing loose clothing, allow yourself time to relax. Then sit or lie in a comfortable position take three deep cleansing breaths and begin listening to your tape.

Sample script:

"This is your time for you...take a deep cleansing breath, relax your mind, body and spirit. Allow nothing to interrupt this time of peace and serenity. Take another deep cleansing breath and imagine yourself lighting a candle, smell the orange fragrance of the candle as you gaze into the light of the fire, now imagine yourself drawing a warm bath, feel your hand under the warm steady stream of water, see yourself pouring scented bubble bath in your hand, again placing your hand under the warm water, feel the bubbles expand in your hand, smell the fragrance fill the room. Slip out of your soft cotton robe and step into the tub, take another deep breath and feel the warmth of the water surrounding your entire body, imagine yourself looking into the light of the candle, focus on the light and let your mind, body and spirit be swept away into the safe, warm content surroundings.

Close your eyes and remember, you have many hopes and dreams, like a small butterfly garden and pond. Take another deep cleansing breath and imagine yourself sketching out your garden, imagine selecting the perfect plants for the garden different vibrant colors, different fragrances, different shapes, smell and feel the lavender, take another breath and imagine yourself clearing a spot for your garden, imagine watching as others dig the pond, imagine placing the rocks for a perfect waterfall, imagine placing each plant in it's location, again, see the vivid color of each plant, smell each vibrant fragrance, imagine misting the garden, imagine the garden in full bloom filled with butterflies, imagine listening to the sound of the waterfall within the pond.

Now with that image in your mind, body and spirit slowing begin to feel the warmth of the bath water, hear your voice on the tape, then slowly open your eyes, gaze for a moment into the light of the candle and again imagine your garden with eyes wide open, slip on your soft cotton robe and get sketching."

OR - if you haven't identified your wants and desires this is a way to identify it. After the first paragraph ask yourself what is it that I want the most? Let your deepest self respond to you. 

Remember, whatever you ask for you're going to receive.

When you come back, come back slowly and stay connected to the special place deep within you.

Recommended Reading: Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain...available through New World Library
www.newworldlibrary.com ... use their search engine to find Shakti's books and tapes


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