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Express Yourself

"We all have trouble communicating our needs every once in a while. Especially if we're in a care taker role. Asking for what we need (and deserve) is a right we need to protect."

“I” Message Worksheet

Directions – Imagine yourself in the following situations. Please respond with an appropriate “I” message.

Situation How you feel About a behavior and it’s effect on you
For example: When everyone leaves you in the kitchen to clean up after dinner for the 80th time and you don’t like it, you might say I feel taken advantage of. when you leave me with all the dishes because I get no time to relax with you
A student is continuously talking with other students during a lesson      
Your child just arrived home after an agreed upon curfew      
Your partner just walked in and changed the TV station in the midst of you watching your favorite show      
Your 5-year old just gave you a hand made card telling you he loves you      
You’re trying to have a heartfelt conversation and your “listener” is doodling      

In the next three spaces, construct situations that might apply to you personally and respond with an appropriate “I” message.




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