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How to Hire a Contractor

"Hindsight is 20/20".

NEVER hire a contractor who's dad owns the local home plumbing business but won't let his own son work for him.

NEVER hire a contractor who overuses phrases like "trust me"...he probably can't be trusted as far as you can spit.

NEVER trust the line "my subcontractor needs a check from the homeowner in the unlikely event the job will be cancelled", especially if he says "I promise they'll keep it in their file" and/or "they (I) won't cash it".

NEVER hire a contractor who does his financial transactions at the local currency exchange.

NEVER hire a contractor who "doesn't have business cards with him that day" and/or drives a truck without the business name displayed.

NEVER EVER trust a contractor who's initials are R.J. and who's main focus is on his heavy metal band (named after a natural sweetener...how ironic is that?!?!).

NEVER hire a contractor without a guarantee...the only guarantee Ron offers is that he will leave you in a sticky mess.

NEVER hire a contractor without a contract including how long it will take to complete the job.

ALWAYS check with the local authorities and Better Business Bureau before you let him start.

ALWAYS ask to see a copy of their business license, proof of bond and insurance.

See "How To Reprimand a Bad Contractor"


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