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Home Repairs

"A New Year...my resolutions were off to a great start, then the toilet overflowed".

After our toilet overflowed, I spent New Year's Eve surfing the net finding handyman sites. Then we spent New Year's Day plunging, auguring, and resetting our toilet. I thought it was better than paying for a plumber to come in, and it gave my son and I a big boost of confidence when the job was complete.

However...a month and a half later we began having trouble with our washing machine backing up into our bathtub...then discovered we had mega roots on our sewer line. After several quotes we found the most economical, yet reputable plumber to install an outside clean-out and remove all the roots from the lines. They offered a 10 warrantee on their workmanship and a lifetime warrantee on the pipes...and their crew was extremely professional and courteous...everything I look for in a contractor!

Chris at Four Seasons Plumbing and Sewer
19W554 Woodland Ave., Addison, IL 60101
Ph: 630/628-1778    Fax: 630/628-0103

Below are some of the home repair sites I found:

Bob Vila www.bobvila.com

Demolition Sales
Everything is for sale (inside and out). You save on money on your building/landscaping materials and keep items out of the landfills.  www.demolitionsales.com

Do It Yourself www.doityourself.com

Home Depot www.homedepot.com

Home Repair homerepair.about.com/

Home Repair Directory is a great resource. This site lists other websites focused on home repairs. If you change the search criteria it zooms into other topics like decorating, landscaping, real estate, etc. http://realhomeguide.com/home-improvement/home-repair/

Tolietology gave us the details we needed to fix our toilet. www.toiletology.com/emergenc.shtml

p.s...A special thank you to my sister and daughter whom I called for extra encouragement and knowledge during the toilet project, and my brother-in-law whom I called before hiring the plumber to handle the sewer job.


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