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Juggle Work & Family

Balancing work and family is one of a parent's biggest challenges.

  • Educate Yourself
    • Identify childcare resources
    • Know your benefits and employment laws (i.e. The Family and Medical Lave Act)
  • Organize Yourself
    • Do what is necessary
    • Use time saving devices
    • Rearrange priorities, you canít always do it all
    • Make a ďTo-DoĒ list
    • Share responsibilities
    • Establish contingency
  • Organize Your Home
    • Set up filing systems
    • Put clothes in drawers and closets, pack away out of season clothes
    • Donate what you donít need
    • Over cook at dinner time to have enough for lunch the next day
  • Organize Your Schedule
    • Post a family calendar
    • Decide who takes showers at night, who takes showers in the morning
    • Decide who does laundry when
  • Express Yourself
    • Communicate with your employer about concerns or problems
    • Pay attention to non-verbal communication signals from others
  • Listen to Yourself
    • Find time for relaxing activities and creative visualization
    • Listen to what your mind and body are telling you

Remember, you will always have choices to make. These choices may be difficult, but only you can decide what is most important in your life.


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