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Keeping Teams Together

"Teams are composed of many individuals with different roles in life and the workplace. But, once they join together they are a team of equal status each with a voice and various talents to contribute to the shared vision."

Synergy is a key factor in team building. Synergy can be destroyed if storms are not properly attended to. As part of a team, we all need to anticipate the next storm.


What Works What Doesn't Work
  • Acknowledgment

  • Direction

  • Reasonable Goals

  • Motivation

  • Open forum

  • Identifying skills

  • Commitment

  • Rewards

  • Rejection

  • Frustration

  • Goals set too high

  • Responsibility without authority

  • Members drop out or do not attend meetings

  • Lack of participation

  • Lack of

  • Lack of rewards

That being said, here are Five Guidelines to be Successful

  • Understand the problem(s) - watch/listen

  • Review and affirm commitments

  • Encourage a healthy dialogue

  • Balance tasks with process

  • Empower your team to act


  • Have a common, reasonable goal

  • Encourage participation and involvement

  • Problem solve

  • Bring solutions to the meetings

  • Work through conflicts

  • Encourage descent, it prompts expression of ideas and feelings

  • Allow people to disagree


  • Acknowledge one another's strengths and weaknesses, consider them when defining tasks

  • Acknowledge one another's successes and failures

  • Add variety to your team, try having members from all levels of the company


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