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Re-Energize Yourself

Your physical and mental health are extremely integrated, intimately connected, and totally interdependent. By changing a few key areas in our life, we can improve our physical health, increase our mental stability, and create a more productive lifestyle.

First, do an self assessment.

Take the stress test, also ask yourself:

  • Are you getting sick more frequently?

  • Are you experiencing sleep disorders?

  • Are you feeling more emotional, irrational or depressed?

  • Are you eating, sleeping, smoking or drinking more often?

  • Are you losing interest in having fun with your friends or family?

If you said yes to any of the above, you're on the right page, please continue reading.

There are four steps you need to take:

Step One - Identify your Energy Zappers

  • Running around too much (especially when on auto-pilot)

  • Avoiding conflict situations

  • Procrastinating

Step Two - Develop Healthy Habits

  • Reduce Risk Factors by:

    • Quitting or reducing your alcohol intake

    • Quitting or cutting back on smoking

    • Reducing high blood pressure

    • Eating healthy (increase fresh fruit and veggie intake)

    • Cutting back on caffeine

    • Drinking 4-8 glasses of water per day

    • Exercising

  • Reduce Stress Factors by:

    • Evaluating your lifestyle

    • Recognizing your excessive habits

    • Making changes when and where necessary

Step Three - Use Stress Busters

  • Realize stress as "an individual's perception of a physical or psychological threat. It's just an idea, a notion". Take a different outlook on stress. Think of stress as an opportunity. Think of a threat as a seed for creativity.

  • Listen to your body and take breaks or naps when necessary (even if it's a short one)

  • Practice relaxation techniques (Yoga, deep breathing, creative visualization)

  • Absorb nutrients (8 oz. orange juice, 4 oz carbonated water)

  • Practice the 3 Minute Mini Refresher:

    • Take deep breaths from diaphragm

    • Loosen arms, stretch arms up

    • Shrug your shoulders

    • Rotate your neck

    • Do body twists

  • Add beauty to your surroundings (clean house, fresh flowers, music, etc.)

  • Live the Moment - When you're in the shower, feel it. When you're talking to your kids, listen. When you're eating, taste the food.

Real stress management gets to the source of thought, you become a thinker in charge of the thought. Instead of a victim to the environment, you become a creator of the environment.

Step Four - Create a Balance Lifestyle

  • Enlist help

  • Set priorities

  • Work smart, not hard

  • Be flexible

  • Get outside

  • Exercise

  • Take time to rest

  • Take part in recreational activities

  • Take time for yourself

  • Say no (when appropriate)

  • Make time for fun, play and

  • Connect with those we love most

Recommended reading:

  • Perfect Health, The Complete Mind/Body Guide by Deepak Chopra, MD

  • Beat Stress by Lynn Allison


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