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Visit my personal favorites: Career Track, Carroll Keller, New Horizons, Padgett Thompson

Class Types Phone # Firm Websites
Something for Everyone 212-586-8100 AMA


Something for Everyone 888-988-2275 Biz Wiz


Something for Everyone 800/334-6780 Career Track


Something for Everyone 800-869-7497 Carroll Keller www.carrollkellergroup.com
Computer Skills 630/941-0011 Comp-U not available

Employment Laws/Leadership Skills

800/942-4494 Council on Education in Management


Leadership Skills Not found Dale Carnegie Training


Leadership Skills 888/ESI-8884 ESI International


Leadership Skills 800/331-7716 Franklin Covey


Computer Skills 800/COURSES Global Knowledge


Leadership Skills/Computer Skills

800/346-1231 HR Direct


Employment Laws 949/760-1700 Institute for Applied Management & Law


Leadership Skills/Customer Service Not found International Quality and Productivity Center


Computer Skills 800/869-5763 KnowledgeSoft


Leadership Skills/Computer Skills

800/223-2209 Langevin Learning Services www.langevin.com

Leadership Skills/Computer Skills

800/842-4723 Learn2 Http://store.learn2.com
Computer Skills Not found Learnix www.learnix.com
Something for Everyone 970/385-4955 Lore International Institute www.lorenet.com
Computer Skills 617/577-8500 Lotus Development Corporation


Computer Skills Not found Microsoft Training & Certification www.microsoft.com
Something for Everyone 800/258-7246 National Seminars Group www.natsem.com
Computer Skills 714/432-7600 New Horizons Computer Learning Center www.newhorizons.com
Something for Everyone 630/573-5070 Northern Illinois University www.bis.niu.edu
Something for Everyone(ESL) Not found Oxford www.oup-usa.org/esl
Something for Everyone 800/255-4141 Padgett Thompson, Div. Of AMA www.padgetthompson.com

Computer Skills/Financial Skills/Customer Service

312/704-5000 PII Institute of Graphic Communications www.pii.org
Computer Skills 703/519-8100 Printing Industries of America www.printing.org
Something for Everyone 888/PROJ-888 Project Mentors, Inc. www.projectmentors.com
Leadership Skills 800/527-0406 Teleometrics www.teleometrics.com/
Customer Service 314.291.1012 Telephone "Doctor" www.telephonedoctor.com
Something for Everyone 800-937-4698 The Training Clinic www.thetrainingclinic.com
Something for Everyone 800/397-5215 The Training Network, Inc. www.tni-online.com

Leadership Skills/Financial Skills

312/464-8732 The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business gsbwww.uchicago.edu
Something for Everyone 978/921-1755 Training Forum www.trainingforum.com

Computer Skills/Employment Laws

978/671-7500 Training Net www.trainingnet.com
    Triton College www.triton.cc.il.us
Computer Skills 888/864-7368 User Tech www.usertech.com
Employment Laws Not found Wonderlic Personnel Test, Inc. www.wonderlic.com

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