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Thrive Thru Change

When your family, home, or organization undergo change, watch for these phases:

  • Denial - Denial is the initial lack of reaction to the change; it doesn't sink in right away. Although there's a sense of loss, etc. the routine stays the same until the reality becomes real. People may withdraw and/or focus on the past.
  • Resistance - During resistance feelings about the change emerge, such as self-doubt, anger, blame, depression, anxiety, frustration, or uncertainty. Group/family events such as celebration parties help people share their experiences and concerns. 
  • Exploration - During this phase people explore their resources and creativity to figure out their new responsibilities, relationships, etc. ands try to visualize their future. 
  • Commitment - At this point, people are ready to make stable, long-range plans and act on them. They're willing to recreate their mission, their roles, and their expectations.

Without change things stagnate. To survive the demands of a changing world, and to succeed among them, you've got to change...by design, not by default.

Change by Design Change by Default
Choose their new characteristics, plan the timing, involve their best people, lead the process. Feel like victims of change.
Choose their future and prepare for the challenge. Ignore the need to change, resist it or reluctantly let change take them wherever.
Survive the process quicker and in better condition, with competence and a competitive advantage. Don't design their futures, they stumble through them.
Learn the new rules and adapt to them quickly. Cling to the old rules or fight the new ones.
Agile, responsive. Rigid, close-minded.
Use everyone's talents and considers everyone's ideas. Management typically makes all decisions and delegate the grunt work.

Change management is a group activity; everyone wins or everyone loses.

Everyone's talents and commitments are needed, and the job of the leader is to involve everyone...change leaves no room for spectators.

Thriving through change requires everyone's active participation and leadership. Not just at the top, but at all levels.


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