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Math Sites 4 Kids

"Thank you to his teachers for providing us with most of this list"

AAAMath www.aaamath.com/ 

A Plus Math with interactive flashcards and math games www.aplusmath.com

Arithmetic Attack (timed math problems) www.dep.anl.gov/aattack.htm

Ask Dr. Math Your Math Questions http://mathforum.org/dr.math/index.html

Brain Teasers www.eduplace.com/math/brain

Cool Math Games and Lessons (arithmetic, pre-algebra, and algebra) www.coolmath.com

Fraction Games www.gamequarium.com/fractions.html

Geometry Terms Activity www.aplusmath.com/cgi-bin/games/geopicture

Integers Mystery Picture Game www.dositey.com/addsub/mystery11.htm

Kid Info.com has BrainPOP An educational health resource for kids, offering animated movies that explain the subject at hand!

Kids Click Games www.kidsclick.org/cgi-bin/searchkids.pl?searchtype=subject&keywords=math+games&title=math+games

Math.Com www.math.com/students/practice/arithmeticpractice.htm

Math Dictionary for Kids www.amathsdictionaryforkids.com

Math Facts http://home.indy.rr.com/lrobinson/mathfacts/mathfacts.html 

Math Playground www.mathplayground.com has games, problems, puzzles, videos, etc. 

Plotting Points on Coordinate System www.funbrain.com/co/index.html

Word Problems for Kids www.stfx.ca/special/mathproblems/welcome.html

For Parents: Touch Math www.touchmath.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=about.welcome&gPage=23 



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