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Dentistry For Kids, LTD.

4801 W. Peterson Avenue, Ste. 410, Chicago, IL 60646-5713
Phone: 773.545.0007                Fax: 773.736.0143

Materials and Educational Videotapes available for purchase

Marvymasque TM The whimsical protective face masks that dentists, physicians and nurses are using around the world.

"Excellent Adventures with Children" The exciting child management videotape was a finalist in the American Medical Association Film Competition. It features Dr. Berman in live action with patients, parents, and his auxiliary team, illustrating his unique, proven, drug-free and restraint-free techniques with even the most reluctant patients.

"Oh No! Not the Shot" The only definitive videotape on local anesthesia in circulation. Utilizing live action and creative graphics, Dr. Berman demonstrates the psychological and clinical skills necessary to administer the no-fear, pain-free, infiltrations, blocks and palatal injections that are basics for establishing a positive relationship with your patients.

"Good Morning Children! Are We Having Fun Yet?" Spend a morning in Dr. Berman's office watching him work in live action with 12 children. Stainless steel crowns, shots, baby bottle caries, pulpotomies, space maintenance and extractions are just some of the procedures covered in this fast paced videotape shot "live" in closed circuit in front of an audience of more than a thousand people.

"Winning Friends and Influencing Patients" Case Presentation! Telling the Convincing Story This brand new video focuses on the art and science of effective case presentation, featuring Dr. Berman and his business manager discussing patient confidence and trust, salesmanship, treatment plans, choices and options, dealing with third party carriers and insurance and talking money.

To order videotapes or for more information regarding Dr. Berman's seminar and lecture availability call 773.545.0007, Fax: 773.736.0143 or write Dr. Marvin H. Berman, 4801 W. Peterson Avenue, Ste. 410, Chicago, IL 60646-5713


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