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Dentistry For Kids, LTD.

4801 W. Peterson Avenue, Ste. 410, Chicago, IL 60646-5713
Phone: 773.545.0007                Fax: 773.736.0143

Parent Testimonial

Last year my grandson was terrified of dentists and refused to brush or be brushed. Then we finally heard about Dr. Berman, a specialist with over 40 years experience of treating kids right.

Dr. Berman's office is a child's dream come true. You'll think his lobby and staff are impressive, but wait until you meet Dr. Berman. He and his partners treat our children (and us nervous parents) with the utmost respect and patience. He's also a nationally known speaker, training other professionals in the field of dentistry. And best yet, he was raised to have a special place in his heart for our special child.

Although my grandson saw other dentists before finding Dr. Berman; on our first visit the doctor discovered 6 cavities and explained that my grandson had extremely soft to no enamel. They immediately did a cleaning and enamel treatment. He also took the time to teach my previously resistant grandson to brush and floss effectively, and taught me how to encourage him between visits.

This visit, my grandson had NO CAVITIES!!

Our children deserve only the best, always and all ways...therefore, they deserve Dentistry For Kids. 

I know...it sounds too good to be true. So, for the skeptical and or cautious parents, I put together some things for you...like the following info they include in their welcome packets:

Hope to see you soon...we're the ones smiling!!! And my grandson's the one not wanting to leave the office:)


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