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Continuity of Care

Continuity of care...how important is it?

I made the mistake ONCE of not wanting to bother our regular doctor late one evening. So, we spent hours in the Emergency Room...they took so many tests, asked so many questions, poked so many pokes...Why? Because they didn't know the patient, they had no history, they were afraid to overlook anything, etc. In the end, I did not trust their findings so I called our doc anyway. It was that night he told me his patients are all like his children, he does not want strangers poking at them, trying to guess what's wrong.

Not everyone can have the awesome opportunity we have...

  • We've been blessed with the same pediatrician since my grandson was born
  • Our doctor is always on call (or has back-up on the rare occasions he takes a holiday)
  • Our doctor can treat several emergency situations right in his office
  • Our doctor has an in-house pharmacy
  • Our doctor also treats sick parents

I wish everyone could establishing a relationship with a Primary Care Physician (PCP)...it has several advantages:

  • Your doctor becomes very familiar with your child
  • You and your child learn to trust your doctor
  • Your doctor will notice if things don't look quite right for your particular child
  • Your doctor will have your child's history at his finger tips
  • Your doctor will keep you on track with immunizations
  • Your doctor will coordinate care with specialists

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