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Home Ownership

"Homeownership offers children stability, security and in most cases a little more freedom".

DuPage Homeownership CenterDuPage Habitat for Humanity is a chance for low to moderate income families to purchase a home with sweat equity P: 630.510.3737 www.dupagehabitat.org/ Also check out Habitat International www.habitat.org/ 

DuPage Homeownership Center is a chance for moderate income families to purchase a home with a partially deferred down payment (I put down 3%, they put down 17%...the 17% is deferred until I eventually sell my home)...I never could have done it without them!  P: 630.260.2500 

The DuPage Homeownership Center introduced me to my mortgage company, Northern Trust Bank. I was able to set up my mortgage, taxes and insurance payments via direct deposit and auto debit through Northern Trust.  I never have to worry about making my payments on time! www.ntrs.com

Do you already own your home and have an exceptional story as to why it needs an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? http://abc.go.com/primetime/xtremehome/index.html

Homebuyers Guide to Buy a House

Places to Find Houses For Sale

Realtor.com House Hunting Tips


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