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Therapeutic Schools

If your child requires a therapeutic school, Private Facility Search Engine provides you with a list of schools who specialize in your child's condition(s) www.hbug.k12.il.us/pfs/

Before choosing or agreeing to a placement;

1. Prepare a list of questions and specifications such as:

  • Does the school specialize in your child's condition?
  • What percent of the student population has your child's condition? What is the other percent of the population comprised of?
  • Do they have therapists on staff?
  • Is there a nurse on staff?
  • Are they familiar with the programs/therapies your child has been receiving? i.e. Alert; How Does Your Engine Run
  • What are their discipline and reinforcement approaches?
  • What percent of their population are mainstreaming?
  • How does their facility/programs compare to other schools? (some have forest preserves and art therapy programs, some have greenhouses and pools, some have clubs and sports).

2. Tour schools when classes are in session so you can see the programs in action.

3. Once you have it narrowed down, request an observation day, preferably of the classroom your child will be in.

3. Once you and your district are in agreement that this is the best placement for your child sign a release for records.

4. Most likely, the school will review the records and wish to meet your child prior to placement.

5. If your child is going to be transferred ask for a transition plan.

  • 1st visit - have the child tour the school after hours
  • 2nd visit - have the child tour the school again when programs are in session
  • 3rd visit - have the child observe the classroom
  • 4th visit - have the child participate in the classroom

6. Write Social Stories for your child explaining the above.

After each visit ask your child what they liked about the school. Hopefully they'll let you know what they didn't like.


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