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Rigid Thinking

"Some call my grandson stubborn and defiant...I recognize his rigid thinking pattern and work with it."

My grandson loves patterns...he recently was painting a project. He quickly dismissed the instructions and had to do it his way...green, green, green...then red, red, red, etc. This could have upset the person giving the instructions, but I had previously explained my grandson is a rigid thinker.

He also likes to line up his toys...long necks, long necks, long necks...then T-Rex, T-Rex, T-Rex...as he'll tell you..."this is the way God made him".

But most apparent is his need for a consistent, predictable schedule and routine...so, he responds negatively to unexpected change.

I realize a rigid thinking adult might be a problem...so we do as much creative thinking and spontaneous activities in his daily routine and schedule as he can tolerate...and forewarn him when we're trying something new...he's learning, and so am I! 

Wish us luck!


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