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Behavior Modification

"Don't let the name scare you. Behavior modification is simply teaching your child to realize the consequences of their behavior (bad or good). Before long they will make the right choices on their own! It's extremely effective, and when done correctly, no one gets hurt in the process".  My favorite techniques are redirection, positive reinforcement, choice therapy and lots of praise, if all else fails we count."

Please note: As Dr. Phelan points out in his book 123 Magic, children will try to test and manipulate us once we change/improve our parenting techniques. Be prepared to point out when they are:

  • Using the sweet and like technique (i.e.: I cleaned my room and washed the dishes, can I please xxxx),
  • Badgering (i.e.: asking for it over and over),
  • Using intimidation or threats (i.e.: If you don't let me xxxx I'm going to run away),
  • Using the martyrdom technique (i.e.: I never get anything, Susie's parents just bought her xxxx), etc.

Dr. Phelan strongly suggests you finish reading his book before changing your techniques. I agree. In addition to reading his book I also took the Parenting class offered at the DuPage County Health Department (which was based on his book). It not only strengthened my understanding of the techniques, but it offered a support system. Every little bit helps!

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Thomas Phelan, the author of 123 Magic 
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