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"When some of my grandson's providers suggested I put him on Ritalin to "control his behavior" I was devastated. I had to check it out. I immediately jumped on the web.  The short and long term effects of Ritalin convinced me it would be our last resort.  I did a lot of research and developed his healing plan. Below are just some of the sites I found on Ritalin".

Death From Ritalin - The Truth Behind ADHD

Internet Mental Health on Methylphenidate Brand name: Ritalin

Novartis' (the manufacture of Ritalin) information on the drug (including side effects and warnings)

Ritalin, Adderall, Other Stimulants--Further Resources

Ritalin's Dangers

Side Effects of Ritalin

Warnings and Precautions on Ritalin
Lists 27 adverse reactions, 13 Contraindications, and 9 Interactions with Drugs and Other Substances www.whatmeds.com/meds/ritalin.html

Why to Avoid Ritalin 

After seeing these, I immediately began to pursue a natural approach and found Feed My Brain (FMB).  The results were amazing.  To read more about his success story, visit What a Difference.


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