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"Nothing gives us more strength, guidance and determination than faith".

My former church told me as lovingly as possible that I could no longer leave my grandson in their children's ministry because they were not equipped to handle his needs. This definitely was a test of faith. I could have easily stopped attending church all together...instead I began a quest to find a church that would accept my grandson for who he is.

Someone at work told me about Joni and Friends, a great organization that helps churches be equipped to handle the needs of the special child and their family members. www.joniandfriends.org/

Joni has an entire page dedicated to finding a special church in your area www.joniandfriends.org/cdm/index.shtml

Below are additional churches I found to be accepting of my grandson.

  • Glen Ellyn Evangelical Covenant Church has a children's ministry with pre-teen to adult assistants. They also have a parent support group (Jonathan's Kids). www.gecovenant.org/
  • Willow Creek Community Church (located in South Barrington and Wheaton) also has an awesome children's ministry with special friends for our kids. Each service is filled with play, arts/crafts, drama and discussion. 
    South Barrington: www.willowcreek.org 
    Wheaton: www.willowcreek.org/regional_update.asp

Plus, we just found the Salvation Army while searching for a Cub Scout group. www.salarmychicago.org/

For a more complete list of churches click here

In addition to church, we listen to Christian radio stations as much as possible. In fact, The Fish is where we first heard about Feed My Brain (FMB), the supplement that kept my grandson off Ritalin.

  • WMBI 90.1 FM from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago www.wmbi.org 
  • WETN 88.1 FM from Wheaton college www.wheaton.edu/wetn 
  • WONU 89.7 FM from Olivet Nazarene University in Kankakee www.wonu.org 
  • WJKL 94.3 FM excellent variety of Christian music www.klove.com 
  • WCFL 104.7 FM based in Morris, you can also listen online www.wcfl.com 
  • WZFS 106.7 FM contemporary Christian music www.1067thefish.com
  • WYLL 1160 AM Christian music and talk radio www.wyll.com

As I'm typing, I'm also listening to the "Keep the Faith" music collection my son gave me for Mother's Day.

Surround yourself and your children with this type of music and voice talents and experience the calming, warming effect...works for me every time!


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