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Feed My Brain (FMB)

"Before we discovered Feed My Brain (FMB) my grandson's symptoms were so severe it was suggested we start him on medication or place him in a special setting for school and daycare. I did enough research to convince me I did not want him on Ritalin or the like. I immediately began searching for a natural alternative. We were finally blessed to find FMB in Spring of 2002. What an awesome difference this natural healing alternative has made. His recall is excellent! He is already more patient and attentive. Therefore, his comprehension and behavior have excelled dramatically. All his providers have commented on it, and best yet, he is able to stay in his inclusion programs! Thank you FMB!"

My Grandson's Behavioral Scores:

Before FMB

After FMB

4 Weeks - 48% Week 2 - 70%
3 Weeks - 43% Week 3 - 85%
2 Weeks - 56% Week 4 - 58%
1 Week - 52% Week 5 - 79%

Nana had knee surgery week 4, threw us off a bit!

Alexander G. Schauss, PhD, the creator of FMB, studied nutrition and botanical medicine for nearly 30 years. One of his life-long areas of research has been on the effect of diet and nutrients on brain function, behavioral performance, and intelligence. Dr. Strauss discovered providing the 12 “learning nutrients” can improve a student’s short-term memory, long-term memory, sustained concentration, language skills, computational ability and abstract thinking skills.

For more info: Visit www.FeedMyBrain.com


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