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"After researching the short term/long term effects of Ritalin, I chose to pursue a totally natural approach to address my grandson's symptoms.  I'm sharing my natural healing approaches, including information on the nutrient supplement Feed My Brain (FMB). These approaches kept my grandson off medication and kept him in inclusion settings!

  • Continue his Speech and O.T. Therapy,
  • Insure he has a good night's sleep, continue to do relaxation/visualization exercises with him at bedtime,
  • Insure he takes his vitamins (multi and FMB every day, and Echinacea as needed), 
  • Insure he has a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner, 
  • Limit his sugar, preservative, red dye and dairy intake, 
  • Continue to use his Success Strategies
  • Continue to use positive disciplinary approaches (redirection, positive reinforcement, choice therapy, lots of praise...and 123 Magic when necessary), 
  • Continue to give him focused evening home therapy sessions with lots of hugs and praise, 
  • Continue to research/locate other natural approaches and keep the team advised, 
  • Keep an open line of communication with his entire network of providers, 
  • Request all his providers do their parts in the above, 
  • Last but not least, pray together.

Visualize yourself in a peaceful, refreshing, safe place...Visualize yourself in a peaceful, refreshing, safe place...then talk your child through to the same place...encourage them to hear every sound, feel every texture, smell every fragrance.  If they were feeling scared tell a detailed story of how their bravery saved the world, if they were feeling shy tell a story of how much fun they had meeting new friends, etc.


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