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Home Schooling

"In certain cases it may be determined home schooling is the best option. If home schooling is selected there are many opportunities to develop peer relationships (SRA's, Scouts, church groups, parent formed play groups, etc.)

If home schooling is chosen, I suggest the following:

  1. Complete the home school registration form from your State Board of Education
  2. Complete the form from your Regional Office of Education. If you are in Cook County call Jim Quilty at 708/865-9330 for the form and information packet, DuPage County has the form on their website
  3. Send/fax a letter to your principal (see sample below), attach the above forms. Send/fax a copy the letter and forms to your State Board of Education, your Regional Office of Education and the Superintendent at your School District
  4. Provide your own curriculum covering all required subjects
  5. Adhere to attendance requirements (I follow the public school calendar)
  6. Keep attendance and lesson records (I keep our records in a day timer)
  7. Join home schooling groups and the Home School Legal Defense Association
  8. Enroll your student in social opportunities such as park district programs, scouts, etc.

Note: High schools can not award credits to home schooled students no matter how diligent. Therefore, your high school student will not receive a high school diploma. They will have to apply and test for a GED.


Dear (principal's name):

This letter is to inform you that effective immediately, (student), DOB (date of birth) is being withdrawn from attendance at (public school). (Student) will be enrolled at (name of your private school).

In compliance with Chapter 1, Section 375.75 of the Illinois Administrative Code, we are requesting a certified copy of (student)'s records be forwarded to us. Your prompt assistance in the matter will be appreciated.

Arrangements will be made to pick up (student)ís personal belongings.


(your name)

encl. Home School Registration/Information Form

cc:   Superintendent of (your school district)
        Regional Office of Education
        Illinois State Board of Education

A-Z Home's Cool Homeschooling www.gomilpitas.com/homeschooling/laws/blIL.htm

All the Illinois Home Schooling Laws in One Place http://homepage.bushnell.net/~peanuts/illaws.html

DuPage Regional Council of Education www.dupage.k12.il.us/community/homeSchooling.html 

Home School Information for Illinois www.castlemoyle.com/resources/state/illinois.htm

Home School Legal Defense Association www.hslda.org/hs/state/IL/

Illinois Christian Home Educators www.iche.org/

Illinois Home School http://groups.yahoo.com/group/illinoishomeschool/

The Old School House www.theoldhomeschoolhouse.com/states/illinois/illinois.htm


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