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"We absolutely LOVE to watch butterflies dance. When my grandson was small (five or six) we went to the Peggy Notebaert Butterfly Museum. One of the staff noticed my grandson had a butterfly on the back of his head, she watched as he carefully touched it's feet. She looked at me in complete astonishment and said "it's amazing that he felt it, and a miracle how gentle he was". She told him to tell his teacher about it the next day. He came home with a note from his teacher...it said "He told the class he loves the smell of butterflies. After thinking about it, they probably have an aroma from the flowers they land on all day...it would take a very special young man to smell it tho"...we've had butterfly gardens ever since!!!!" 

Butterfly, moth, buddleia, milkweed, thistle, verbena


  1. Call J.U.L.I.E. before you dig
  2. Never use weed killers or pesticides near your garden
  3. Plant your garden in the sun, out of windy areas
  4. Have a range of host plants (for larvae) and nectar plants (for the butterflies)
  5. Supply a shallow water source and landing spots (large dark rocks are great)

Botany.com tells us about the different plants

Build Your Own Bird & Butterfly Garden gives the steps to start

eHow lists the public gardens in the area...great place to generate ideas for your own garden

Garden Guide has articles and videos

Monarch Butterfly Site is an educational site dedicated to Monarchs

Nature Center Links has links to related info

Regional Guidebook tells us us which plants attract which butterflies

The Butterfly Site has a wealth of information

University of Illinois gives us some general information

What Plant Zone Are You? The Chicagoland area is Zone 5


Anderson's Landscape Supplies in Elmhurst has mulch, rocks, etc.

Pioneer Garden & Feed Store in Villa Park is known for it's plants, statuary, etc.

Rain Barrels in Bensenville offers rain barrels at affordable prices



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