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rabbit, bunny, carrot"Rabbits are extremely adorable, soft, and gentle pets. Healthy rabbits, properly cared for can live 5-15 years. Children bond very quickly to these fluffy characters. So please, do your research before bringing this new addition into your family.

We unfortunately did not have enough info, and unknowingly adopted a sick Rex...it was heartbreaking for all of us when our vet could not save her.

Before adopting any pet, know

  • how to choose a breed/gender
  • how to choose a healthy pet
  • how to choose a reputable breeder or pet shop
  • the proper care, diet, housing and exercise required for your particular pet

House Rabbit Society

Karg's Carrot Patch is an extremely informative site



What You Need To Know About Exotic Pets

Woodlands 4-H rabbit Club

- in memory of Fluffy (aka Fuzzy)


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