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Pet Ownership

Pet Shops and Shelters

"My grandson earned a cockatiel after 30 days of a positive behavior. Searching the pet shops was half the fun...we found the most economical and healthiest selection of birds at Jim's Pet World".

Earning his pet bird gave him the incentive he needed to successfully gain a new positive behavior...and the lesson continues as he learns the responsibility of properly caring for him.

We've found the effects of caring for, and petting an animal can be extremely therapeutic...In fact, I have been hearing more and more about service dogs.

But, if your child has allergies ask your physician about hypoallergenic dogs.

Nana's Tips on Pet Ownership

  • Research the type of pet(s) and consider what will work best for your family, living situation and budget
    • Does the pet require a large fenced in yard?
    • Does the pet require daily walks?
    • What will it cost to properly care for this pet?
    • Is the pet loud?...is anyone in the home sensitive to noise?
    • Does the pet have a natural odor?...is anyone in the home sensitive to smells?
    • Etc.
  • Visit pet shops and shelters observing their cleanliness, staff knowledge and selection of pets and supplies,
  • Comparison shop to get the healthiest, most economical pet from the most helpful source,
  • Consult with experts if you have any questions along the way (your local pet shops, the links to additional info, your veterinarian, etc.)

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