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"Everyone needs a break from time to time...personally, I feel we deserve more breaks than other parents...then why is it, we never take time to breathe?"

Respite is defined as: n 1: a (temporary) relief from harm or discomfort [syn: reprieve] 2: a pause from doing something (as work); "we took a 10-minute break"; "he took time out to recuperate" [syn: recess, break, time out] 3: an interruption in the intensity or amount of something [syn: suspension, reprieve, hiatus, abatement] 4: a pause for relaxation; "people actually accomplish more when they take time for short rests" [syn: rest, relief, rest period] 5: the act of reprieving; postponing or remitting punishment [syn: reprieve] v 1: postpone the punishment of a convicted criminal, such as an execution [syn: reprieve] 2: grant a respite to Source: WordNet 1.6, 1997 Princeton University

I used to say "I don't need a break" or use the excuse "no one can care for him like I can"...then a very good friend of mine convinced me to give respite a try.  

Respite can come in many forms:
Respite can come in many forms...

  • a fun afternoon with the family,
  • a respite worker,
  • a NEDSRA leisure buddy,
  • or a cup of tea or coffee with your siblings
    as the children play.

Read more about the Benefits of Respite


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