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Benefits of Respite

"I can't say it enough...without these saviors in our lives, we wouldn't be a tenth of where we are today. I strongly encourage you to reach out and get the help you can, and take the breaks you deserve!"

Fun afternoon with the family

When I was growing up my mother worked nights as my father worked days...when I'd get upset because I'd "never see them" my mother used to say "it's not the quantity, it's the quality of time we spend together that counts". I still have such vivid memories of the Saturday afternoons we'd spend together as a family.  Mom would take us hiking through forests and pointed out every type of plant, bird and insect. Dad would take us fishing and let me control the motor boat as Mom pointed out the beautiful sunset...they taught us patience, responsibility, and appreciation in those short spurts of quality time. Visit our Fun Stuff page, let your child help choose, and go have fun!

Respite Worker

In addition to Family Day...we had a respite worker through Metropolitan Family Services.  Respite workers spend time with the child to give parents the break that we all deserve. My grandson was matched with the most awesome worker.  She attended his therapy sessions to watch and learn how to reinforce the techniques during their time together.  She always found fun and educational activities to do for every visit. She took him to McDonald's to interact with other children and practice his social skills.  She took him to Children's Museums and activities to practice his sensory integration and fine motor skills.  He counted the days between their visits.  As they were off learning, so was Nana...I was able to attend educational classes, do a self study course, do research at the library, etc. I was also able to take time to organize all his paperwork into a rolling briefcase.

Unfortunately, due to the recent government budget cuts, the respite program is no longer available through Metropolitan Family Services, however, I understand respite grants are sometimes available through the Ray Graham Center.

My grandson and his respite worker may have celebrated their last days together, but my grandson has lots of vivid awesome memories. As a going away gift, he bought her a fishing pole and a butterfly net and took her fishing and frog hunting! He now loves to fish and frog hunt...we even caught one and he holds him as tight as his memories...thank you Ms. Malissa!

NEDSRA Leisure Buddy

Leisure Buddies are fully trained professionals with a special place in their heart for children like ours. They work one on one with our children to assist them in anything they try. Not only do leisure buddies help children succeed in park district programs like swimming, dance, baseball, etc...but our NEDSRA worker made inclusion in a park district daycare program and summer camp possible!

Time with your siblings

Last, but never least...I go to one of my sisters. Both of them can read me like a book when I'm stressed. The one starts a cup of tea for me, and sets up the grandkids to play in her family room.  Then she patiently sits with me with an open heart and mind.  As I share, she gives me new perspectives and rekindles my hope and strength. 

My other sister invites my grandson and I into her back yard.  She openly shares her experiences raising her 5 children as a young widow, and shares her memories of how my parents raised all of us while they both worked, she has a natural way to rebuild my determination.  Her home is filled with serenity and joyous memories of my childhood, and her arms are always filled with love.  I am blessed!


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