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Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do - I ChingRead the meanings of the 'I Ching', a Chinese oracle www.barrel.net/patterns.html

Tae Kwon Do - Korean FlagRead the meanings of the Korean flag


Why study Tae Kwon Do?

Build self-esteem, build self-confidence, improve concentration, conditioning and exercise, learn self-defense, relieve stress, develop fine motor skills, learn a new art form, earn a black belt!

Source: W. Kim Tae Kwon Do School in Palatine www.wkimtkd.com/ 

Where to get instructions: NEDSRA holds sessions with a Second Degree Black Belt instructor from the W. Kim Tae Kwon Do School.  These small group classes are geared towards Children With Special Needs.

See Listing of other local schools 

The Tenets of Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do - CourtesyCourtesy: To be thoughtful and considerate of others. Taekwondo students and instructors should be polite, and show consideration for others.

Tae Know Do - IntegrityIntegrity: To be honest and good. Taekwondo practitioners should live by a code of moral values and principles.

Tae Kwon Do - PerserverancePerseverance: To never give up in the pursuit of one's goals. Students should welcome challenges, because challenges cause us to grow and improve.

Tae Kwon Do - Self ControlSelf-Control: To have control of your body and mind. A Taekwondo student should practice controlling his actions and reactions.

Tae Kwon Do - Indomitable SpiritIndomitable Spirit: To have courage in the face of adversity. A Taekwondo student should never be dominated by, or have his spirit broken by another.

Source: The Tae Kwon Do Network  www.tkd.net/tkdnetwork/Korean.html

Meanings of Belt Colors

White signifies a birth, or beginning, of a seed. A white belt student is a beginner searching for knowledge of the Art.

Yellow signifies the first beam of sunlight, which shines upon the seed giving it new strength with the beginning of new life. A yellow belt student is given his/her first ray of knowledge, opening his mind, from an instructor.

Green signifies the growth of the seed as it sprouts from the earth reaching toward the sun and begins to grow into a plant. A green belt student learns to further develop and refine his/her techniques.

Blue signifies the blue sky as the plant continues to grow toward it. A blue belt student moves up higher in rank just as the plant grows taller. The light feeds the plant so it can continue to grow. The student is fed additional knowledge of the Art in order for his/her body and mind continue to grow and develop.

Red signifies the red-hot heat of the Sun as the plant continues growing toward it. A red belt student is higher in rank, he/she acquires more detailed knowledge and, just as the plant grows slowly toward the Sun, so the red belt student learns to be more cautious as his/her knowledge and physical abilities increase.

Black signifies the darkness beyond the Sun. A black belt seeks new knowledge of the Art. As he/she begins to teach others, he/she begins planting new seeds, his/her students, many of which will take root deep into the Art, blossom and grow through the ranks in a never-ending process of self-growth, knowledge, and enlightenment.

Source: International Tae Kwon Do Association  www.itatkd.com/

Korean Terminology

1. Hana
2. Tul
3. Set
4. Net
5. Dasot
6. Yasot
7. El-gub
8. Yodol
9. Ahob
10. Yol
11. Yul-Hana
12. Yul-Tul
13. Yul-Set
20. Su-Mul
30. Su-Roon
40. Ma-Hoon
50. Sheen
60. Yo-Soon
70. Il-Hoon
80. Yu-Doon
90. Ah-Doon
100. Bak

Source: W. Kim Tae Kwon Do School in Palatine www.wkimtkd.com/ 


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