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"Therapy comes in many forms...the focus of this page is Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Home Therapy".

Occupational Therapy

Most Pediatric Occupational Therapists focus on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, balance, etc. My grandson's Occupational Therapist went far beyond the average therapist.  While treating his Sensory Integration with swings and fine motor skill activities, she taught him to have enough patience to listen and do things right! She also taught him to cooperate and make good decisions via choice therapy. And she taught me new tricks...like getting him to write/draw in proportion by using graph paper and telling him to stay in the box...or to increase his coloring skills by me drawing a thicker line around the figure so it's easier for him to stay within the lines.

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Speech Therapy

The average speech therapist works on articulation and vocabulary...again, I was blessed.  Our speech therapist also ran a social language group. Social Language Groups teach children how to interact with one another, how to share, how to take turns, how to win politely, and how to loose without a tantrum.

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Home Therapy

Our speech therapist told me to watch the sessions through a one way window and "take note"... I paid attention, and took notes...plenty of them! 

Before long I was able to incorporate her techniques into our own home routine. I got more structured with the time I spent with my grandson each evening...teaching him, and watching him blossom.

See my Homemade by Nana and Healing pages.


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