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Take a long cleansing breath. Remember how much you love each other and be cautioned; finances are a leading cause of discord in relationships. Plan your wedding within your means, but don't be a Scrooge. This is your special day, announcing the union of your marriage.

On average, in 2006 U.S. couples spent $27,490 for their wedding. Find the average wedding cost for your city. www.costofwedding.com/

Wedding Insurance

Wed Safe www.wedsafe.com/wedding-insurance.html

Money Saving Ideas

Money Saving Tips www.fireyourweddingplanner.com/google/?gclid=CKeqmKye_YgCFQGPWAodtgPG_g

Plan a Wedding on a Budget www.americansoapcompany.com/articles/weddings/plan_a_wedding_on_a_budget.asp

Planning a Wonderful Wedding on Realistic Budget www.wedalert.com/content/articles/realistic_budget.asp

Top Ten Budget Tips http://wedding.weddingchannel.com/money/articles/top_ten_budget_tips.asp

Budget Calculator

Wedding Budget Calculator www.consolidatedcredit.org/debt-learning-center/wedding-planning-budget.asp


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