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What A Difference

"What a difference natural approaches have made in my grandson's life"

A few years ago my grandson was a nonverbal tantrum.  He was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction and possible PDD-NOS.  All of his senses were affected: everything had to be room temperature, he could only tolerate certain tastes and textures, he could only wear soft materials without tags and limited seams, he was extremely light sensitive, he would cover his ears constantly but would make lots of his own noise, and if you saw something out of the corner of your eye, he already had it in full focus.

Therefore, he was easily distracted, extremely impulsive, and could not comprehend multi level instructions.  As a result, he was excused from daycare centers and was almost removed from the school district.  He would run into parking lots and streets without looking.  I was afraid to take him in public.  I realized I had to take drastic actions.

His ear surgery was the first big step in the right direction...once he could hear, he could learn to speak.  His speech therapists helped him increase his vocabulary and articulation, and introduced him to social skills.  His occupational therapists taught him fine motor skills, patience, determination, and worked on his upper body strength and balance.  The therapists taught me how to carry it out at home in the evenings which made it even more effective.

But three things made the biggest difference:

His respite worker and leisure buddy are awesome talented professionals that love working with my grandson.  They both taught him how to play and share with other children.  They challenged him to try new things like riding a bike, fishing, canoeing, baseball and swimming. They both encourage him to eat (one of our biggest struggles). They praised him out loud often and blessed him with self confidence.  They gave me peace of mind knowing he's in good hands when I have to be elsewhere.  Plus, I never would have had the time or energy to build this website without them...so...thank you Ms. Malissa and Ms. Jessica...you'll always be his special angels!!!

Once he started the FMB this past March, we started to see more of a dramatic difference.  The first thing we noticed was his recall.  This was a young child that weeks prior could not tell you what he did all day, he'd reply "I don't know".  Days into his FMB I caught him playing his harmonica like a professional.  I asked him "who taught you to play like that"?  He told me "your sister, silly".  I asked him if he wanted to say thank you...she confirmed, not only was it her that taught him, but she did it 4 years prior!

His respite worker noticed he was more alert days after starting FMB. Before he would always fall asleep in the car almost immediately. Less than a week into the product  he was talking to her the whole way to that week's adventure!

We all noticed he was more patient and more attentive.  He started bringing home more and more good boy stickers from school.  He scribbled less and finally started doing the crafts at school, daycare and camp.  He started playing more games with the other children.  His confidence and social skills really soared.

Now he's the catcher on his NEDSRA baseball team and wants to join their soccer team!!!

Unexpected bonus...now he's willing to try healthier foods of different tastes and textures!

What a Difference!!!


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